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NRA BASIC CCW CLASS:  December 10-11, 2022

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Sheridan County Sportsmen’s Association will be presents NRA Basic CCW Classes periodically through the year. The class presents knowledge and skills that are important to individuals who contemplate using a firearm for personal protection.  Some of the topics unique to this class are:  Basic Defensive Pistol Skills, Drawing from Concealment, Loading & Stoppage Remediation, Mindset, Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment, and Legal Consideration.  Because students will be introduced to more advance handgun handling skills, it is required that students have successfully completed the NRA Basic Pistol Class prior to registering for this class.  All Live Fire exercises will be performed with appropriate center fire pistols. Students are required to provide their own shooting gear and ammunition. A complete list of equipment will be provided via email to individuals registering for the class.  The class costs $100 for SCSA members and $125 for non-members. Students can register online at the NRA Courses website or by calling Bob Hamilton at (307) 674-7240. If you have any questions regarding this class, please call Bob Hamilton.

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December 10-11, 2022

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This class covers the basics of handling pistols, including pistol selection, training on different types of actions, and live-fire practice with .22lr handguns. This class also fulfills the training requirement for obtaining a Wyoming Concealed Carry License.

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