Range Rules

  • Obey all Range Safety Officer commands.
  • NO handling of firearms with people down range.
  • Keep  firearm pointed in a safe direction.
  • Keep  finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Keep firearm unloaded until ready to use.
  • Keep actions open.
  • Eye & Ear protection required.
  • Ranges are for paper targets and SCSA provided steel and reactive targets only.
  • NO glass, plastic, exploding, or private steel targets.
  • NO shot shells on rifle or pistol ranges.
  • NO firing of 50 BMG
  • NO fully automatic fire
  • Clean up after shooting


HOW TO USE THE “STOP” signs on the range:

We have all arrived at SCSA Rifle Range 1 or Rifle Range 2 and come across this scene….No cars present, no people present, just birds chirping and a lovely breeze…….What is that Stop sign there? What Does it mean? Why is the range closed? I just want to go shooting! PLEASE READ BELOW for an explainer.

The sign is in place on these ranges as a guide for what you should be doing when you arrive at the range for a day of shooting and also when you are doing your shooting and set-up.

Proper use of the sign:

The sign is on a rotating post. To turn it from one direction to the other, you simply grasp the handles, lift the sign slightly and then turn it to the desired position.

Which Position?

If you or another shooter is handling firearms in any capacity….un-casing, re-casing, adjusting sights, bore-sighting… whatever – anything that involves touching a firearm, the sign should be turned so that the blank side is facing up-range, away from the firing line.

This is an indicator that the range is “HOT” and shooters as well as spectators should act appropriately for when loaded firearms are present. Please observe all of the rules of gun safety:

1: Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2: Always keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

3: Always Keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it.

This is also the direction the sign should be facing when you leave for the day, and when you arrive to begin shooting. It is an indicator that there are likely no people downrange. However, please exercise all of the rules of safe gun handling and make doubly-triply sure that nobody is downrange before taking out those guns……see below:

The second position for the sign is turning it with the words “RANGE CLOSED NO HANDLING OF FIREARMS PEOPLE DOWN RANGE” facing up-range, away from the firing line.

This position is used when a shooter is going to venture in front of the firing line to hang or retrieve targets, pick up brass, etc. When the sign is in this position, all firearms should be rendered safe, unloaded and with the action open and placed on the bench or in a case and stood away from, until the people who went downrange are safely back behind the firing line. Once the shooters agree to commence handling firearms again, the sign should be returned to the first position.

What to do with the sign when you leave:

If you are the last person to leave range 1 or range 2, the proper position is for the sign to be turned with the blank side facing up-range, away from the firing line. The sign should also be facing that way if you arrive for your range session. If you arrive and the sign is turned to say “RANGE CLOSED…..” and it is obvious that you and the snakes are the only ones there……take your time and double, triple, quadruple check that there are no people downrange before handling firearms. Keep in mind, it is a very long range out there and there could be people way down at the end doing maintenance to some of the steel or backstops. There could be somebody down there for any number of reasons….just make sure of what is happening.

Things not to do with the sign: don’t remove it from its post, don’t lay it on the ground, don’t take it off its post and leave it leaning against the range rules sign. Doing things like that can be destructive, and definitely brings down the positive environment at SCSA. It may also be seen as vandalism, which would cost you your club membership privileges. Nobody wants that…..see below.

If you have any questions, or need any further instruction on safe practices at the range, including proper use of the sign, please seek the advice of The Outdoor Range Director or one of our Range Safety Officers, many of whom use the range regularly, and will be glad to help you out. Happy Shooting!

Below….TWO BIG NO-NO’s.