Our NRA Precision Pistol League (Bullseye League) is OFFICIAL!

Starting the first week of January 2022, show up at the SCSA Indoor Range, sign up and start shooting Bullseye. This is open for 22 rimfire, either semi-auto or revolver. The cost is $50.00 for the 6-match winter season, which includes Indoor Range fees for 6 shooting sessions. If you only want to practice, the cost is $5.00 per session on the Indoor Range. Practice and shoot your match all in one session if you want to.

League shooters may purchase targets for matches at a discount: 6 targets for $1, up to a total of 36 targets for $6. Practice targets and targets for non-league shooters are the standard price of 20 cents per target. Targets may be purchased at the indoor range.

Once again we are running two divisions, the standard one-hand-only for NRA Precision Pistol (need to be registered by January 15th, 2022) or two-handed for SCSA Precision Pistol, our own competition for beginners or anyone who prefers to shoot two-handed. Scores for the NRA Precision Pistol division will be reported to the NRA for classification. Both divisions shoot the same Course of Fire (COF).

Below are the time slots that we have RSOs lined up to open the indoor range for practice and to run the COF for matches. Pick an OPEN time and show up, or contact Bob Hamilton at mrtrash@wbaccess.net (307) 674-7240 for more information.

Don’t forget to bring your ear and eye protection!

Let’s turn these long cold winter nights into a hot time at the SCSA Indoor Range!

Bob Hamilton, SCSA Pistol Director

2022 Mountain West Bullseye League Indoor Range Schedule

Day (Status)TimeRSOs
Tuesday (FULL)11:30AM to 1:30PMDan Kucera
Wednesday (OPEN)4PM to 6 PMGarry Hittle (early times)
Craig and Sherri Johnson
Thursday (OPEN)10AM to noonJerry Reed
Thursday (OPEN)
RSOs will organize shooters
4PM to 8PMKathy Lundberg (early times)
Russ Hamilton
Bob Hamilton
Kim Venton
Eric Bretthauer
Tom Nutter
Aaron Wichman

Contact Bob Hamilton at mrtrash@wbaccess.net or (307) 674-7240 for more information.