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2020 BHM 3D Archery Shoot Results


SCSA Archery Ranges:

  • A static range (practice/sight-in) has 11 target butts from 10 to 80 yards.
  • A walk-through course with 11 target butts lays to the west of the static range. The course is set up to shoot in a counter clockwise pattern. The target butts currently have animal faces. NO Broadheads on this course!
  • A 3D target course with 3 butts & 7 – 3d targets lays to the south of the archery shed.    NO Broadheads on this course!
  • This course is set up to shoot in a clockwise pattern. The majority of the targets are the older McKenzie targets. 3D targets are normally in place from May through October.

All arrow removal will be made easier from all targets with the use of arrow lube and an arrow puller.

A sand pit on the east side of the static range is available for sighting-in broad heads or bring your own target.

Absolutely NO broad heads or practice broad heads shot into the target butts or 3D targets.

Crossbow shooters may shoot the target butts only. Arrow lube & pullers will be required. No arrow jacks! DO NOT shoot the 3D targets.

Follow safe practices and be respectfully of all users!