Results of Schutzen Match February 10th

2021/2022 Indoor Range Sunday Hours are 10am – 4pm

NEW Indoor Shooting Range Use Fees:

SCSA Member  $5.00/day
Non-Member   $20.00/day

A 50 foot indoor range is available for use November through  April. During these months the range is open on Sundays from 9am to 5pm for open shooting by members and nonmembers. Check the calendar for the exact schedule as the range is closed on certain dates for special events. Fees for shooting: $5.00/member and $20.00/nonmember plus $0.20 ea. for target faces. See the attached safety rules/regulations and the schedule for RSOs on the indoor range.


  1. The indoor range will not be used for shooting unless a SCSA Range Officer (RSO) is present and in charge of all range activities.
  2. All shooters or persons in the range shall, at all times, abide by the commands given by the Range Officer.
  3. No one shall proceed beyond the firing line unless authorized to do so by the Range Officer.
  4. Anyone who acts in an unsafe or reckless manner will be asked to leave the range immediately.
  5. Anyone who observes an unsafe condition shall immediately bring it to the attention of the Range Officer.
  6. Firearms exceeding a muzzle velocity of 1650 fps will not be allowed. Any loads causing visual damage to the backstop or demonstrating splash back are prohibited. The Range Officer has total discretion on allowing what firearms and ammunition may be used.
  7. The Range Officer shall, on occasion, ask participants for the ballistic data for the loads being used. Actions shall be open before entering the range and at all times except when firing.
  8. Muzzles shall be pointed downrange at all times. When carrying a firearm, the muzzles shall be pointed upward.
  9. All persons in the range shall wear ear and eye protection.
  10. No food or beverage consumption is allowed within the indoor range when it is in use.
  11. No alcoholic beverages or mood altering drugs will be allowed in the range or consumed by shooters prior to or during shooting events.
  12. Junior shooters (less than 19 years old) shall be accompanied by a parent and/or an adult supervisor.
  13. Anyone who discharges a round into the range walls or ceiling shall pay a $50.00 fine to SCSA for damage repairs. After the first violation, removal from the club will be considered by the Board of Directors.
  14. All range activities shall be coordinated with the SCSA Board of Directors. Approved events will be posted on the calendar.
  15. Organizations outside of the SCSA who request the use of the indoor range for shooting events shall follow the established procedures as outlined in the Indoor Range Standard Operating Procedures including:

a. Shall present a description of the event to the SCSA Board of Directors for approval.

b. Will obtain approval of the .schedule by the SCSA Board of Directors.

 c. Arrange for a certified SCSA Range Officer to be in charge of the range during the event.

d. Shall follow all SCSA Rules and Regulations.

e. Shall pay a fee in the amount of $75.00 per day (or as agreed to per the Indoor Range SOP’s) to cover SCSA indoor range costs.

16.  Indoor Shooting Range Use Fees:

a. SCSA Member  $5.00/day
b. Non-Member   $20.00/day

17.  Everyone using the Indoor Range shall be responsible for clean up each time the range is used.
18.  All shooters shall sign in on the Sign In Sheet which includes a waiver which holds the SCSA and its Directors harmless for any accident which may occur as a result of the shooter’s activities.

Sheridan County Sportsmen’s Association  Indoor Range Officer Schedule 2021 – 2022 Season TBA

Date  Range Officer  Range Officer

If you cannot open up, you are responsible to find a replacement from above persons, and trade dates

2021/2022 Indoor Range Sunday Hours are 10am – 4pm

* Daylight Savings Time Ends Nov 7, 2021;
Begins March 13, 2022
** Easter

Range Officers: Call your associate to decide who covers morning, afternoon, etc. to assure entire day is covered.
Call the next week’s Range Officer as a reminder of their assignment at the end of your assigned day
If you trade with another RSO, call your originally assigned RSO partner and advise who you have traded with.