Long Range High Power

  1. SCSA offers its members the opportunity to gain practical experience with their hunting and/or target rifles at distances from 450 to 850 yards.  This goal is accomplished by the placement of an assortment of steel armor plate targets at irregular distances.
  2. The range is operated under the control of an SCSA Range Safety Officer who will be able to act as a spotter and provide advice on estimating wind effect on a bullet’s flight and correcting for it.
  3. Further information is available by contacting the Range Director, Larry Littrell: larry.littrell33@gmail.com


A lot of improvement has been made to the Long Range. Stop out and see what they have available.

Unscheduled use may be arranged by calling a RSO. Arrangements are made 24 hours in advance.

2022 Rifle Match Schedule: (More updates are Forthcoming)

22lr Rifle Matches:

April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, 2022.

PRS Long Range Rifle Matches:

May 7, July 30, September 24, November 12, 2022

2022 RSO Schedule
*All dates are weather permitting* Check with RSO listed
Wednesday 5:00 PM -Dusk Saturday 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
DateRSO NamePhone#
04/06/2022 WednesdayLarry Littrell970-232-8727
04/09/2022 Saturday22lr MatchRange Closed
04/13/2022 WednesdayAaron Wichman406-795-2721
04/16/2021 SaturdayTom Keckich307-674-5324
04/20/2022 WednesdayDusty Roberts307-461-0181
04/23/2022 SaturdayAndy Edwards307-858-0196
04/27/2022 WednesdayJeff Crist307-751-4960
04/30/2022 SaturdayPRS MatchRange Closed
05/04/2022 WednesdayTom Keckich307-674-5324
05/07/2022 SaturdayClint Stussi307-752-5423
05/11/2022 WednesdayJim Murphy307-461-1253
05/14/2022 Saturday22lr MatchRange Closed
05/18/2022 WednesdayTom Keckich307-674-5324
05/21/2022 SaturdayEric Bretthauer307-217-9758
05/25/2022 WednesdayBruce Stevens307-752-2915
05/28/2022 SaturdayVaughn Cox307-751-5349
DateRSO NamePhone#
06/01/2022 WednesdayBob McGuire397-578-7047
06/04/2022 SaturdayPRS MatchRange Closed
06/08/2022 WednesdayMatt Adkins307-763-0629
06/11/2022 Saturday22lr MatchRange Closed
06/15/2022 WednesdayJeff Crist307-751-4960
06/18/2022 SaturdayEric Bretthauer307-217-9758
06/22/2022 WednesdayClint Stussi307-752-5423
06/25/2022 SaturdayVaughn Cox307-751-5349
06/29/2022 WednesdayCharlie Huggins406-431-4701
07/02/2022 SaturdayDan Johlman307-752-9187
07/06/2022 WednesdayDusty Roberts307-461-0181
07/09/2022 Saturday22lr MatchRange Closed
07/13/2022 WednesdayBruce Stevens307-752-2915
07/16/2022 SaturdayRick Semino307-751-7607
07/20/2022 WednesdayMatt Adkins307-763-0629
07/23/2022 SaturdayEric Bretthauer307-217-9758
07/27/2022 WednesdayClint Stussi307-752-5423
07/30/2022 SaturdayPRS MatchRange Closed
DateRSO NamePhone#
08/03/2022 WednesdayAaron Wichman406-795-2721
08/06/2022 SaturdayAndy Edwards307-858-0196
08/10/2022 WednesdayDusty Roberts307-461-0181