Long Range High Power

  1. SCSA offers its members the opportunity to gain practical experience with their hunting and/or target rifles at distances from 450 to 850 yards.  This goal is accomplished by the placement of an assortment of steel armor plate targets at irregular distances.
  1. The range is operated under the control of an SCSA Range Safety Officer who will be able to act as a spotter and provide advice on estimating wind effect on a bullet’s flight and correcting for it.
  2. Further information is available by contacting the Range Director, Dick McCuistion at (307) 655-5972 or rdmccuistionsr@bresnan.net.

2019  Long Range Operating Schedule:

May 8th – September 28

Wednesday                 5:00 p.m. until dusk

Saturday                      8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

Unscheduled long range use is available by a shooter obtaining the consent of a qualified Range Safety Officer to open the range and remain on duty with the shooter on the unscheduled date.

This arrangement must be secured 24 hours prior to the date of intended use.

Qualified Range Safety Officers

                    Brooks, Jay   425-246-8166
                    Huggins, Charlie   406-431-4701 
                    Johlman, Dan   307-331-8994
                    Laffitte, Judd   307-359-1550
                    McCuistion, Dick   307-655-5972
                    McCuistion, Rick   303-912-4811
                    McGuire, Bob   307-568-7047
                    Murphy, Jim   307-461-1253
                    Palmer, Kevin   307-461-2156
                    Roberts, Dustin   307-461-0181
                    Semino, Rick   307-672-7262
                    Stewart, Dan   202-480-3124