The Falling Plate Pit provides pistol shooters with the opportunity to test their skills on steel targets.  The pit has both centerfire and rimfire plate racks located at 30 feet from the firing line.  The configuration allows shooters to knock down the plates in timed fire or race head to head.  The pit also has the ability to shoot static steel silhouettes at 50 yards.      

Shooting in the Falling Plate Pit presents a number of safety issues, so it is managed as a controlled range.  This link contains a list of safety rules that are specific to the Falling Plate Pit.

During the summer months of May through October, the Pit has been open from 10 am to 2 pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  During 2017, the shooter participated in an informal competition that involved a variety of games involving the steel targets.

If you have questions regarding the Pit, please contact Bob Hamilton, SCSA Pistol Director:

(307) 461-1138



Falling Plate Safety Rules

  • Access to the Pit is only available when a Range Safety Officer is present. 
  • The road to the pit is a “dry weather” road which is closed during wet conditions.
  • Eye and hearing protection required on the range and the spectator area, unless a person is sitting in a vehicle behind a windshield.
  • 22 lr rimfire handguns only to be used on plate rack marked “22 Lr’.
  • Centerfire handguns only on centerfire plate rack.
  • Make sure ammunition doesn’t create divots on plates. Some large caliber, high velocity rounds will damage plates, and are not allowed.  Full house magnum loads will create damage and are not allowed on falling plate targets.
  • Any shooting at 50 yard silhouettes is limited to handguns and ammunition must not create divots or damage to the plate surface. These targets can take heavier ammunition than falling plates, but assure no damage occurs.
  • All shooting must be done from the designated firing line (green line) unless approved by the Range Safety Officer. At no time should the falling plates be shot from closer that 30 feet (10 yards).
  • All shooting done with handguns from “ready” or “low ready” position. No drawing from holsters.
  • Shooters are required to comply with SCSA General Safety Rules in addition to the Falling Plate Pit specific rules listed above.
  • NRA’s Basic Firearms Rules shall be followed:
    • Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.
    • Always keep the firearm unloaded until you are ready to fire.
    • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.